Thursday, February 24, 2011

Art to Wear

As much as I love art for my walls, I also love art to wear.  I have purchased all of these bracelets and three necklaces from Rutha Aaronson. Honestly, Temple St. Clair has nothing on her. The necklace is Pink Peruvian Opals and 18Kt gold. I really enjoy quality gemstones, and real gold instead of plated pieces.  The 18Kt gold beads between each one of the gemstones allows me to add an enhancer. Since I usually have any of my pendants modified to enhancers the necklaces look different each time I wear one.

The bracelets are Pink Peruvian Opals, Gray Agate, White Agate, and Turquoise. Rutha added a beautiful little charm on each one. I wish I would have taken a photo of the tiny charm. Take my word for it, they are just so beautiful! One would almost expect a little ring from the charm because they look like tiny bells that were used in the Roman Empire. Much of the designs that Rutha makes have an old world ancient quality to them. I just love the ancient look of jewelry from Egypt, Greece, Etruscans, and Romans.

I recently bought one of my favorite gemstones Rutilated Quartz, and just the other day I purchase yet another necklace of Citrine. I have not got my Citrine necklace, but Rutha gets the packages out quick and to my door in no time. In fact she is one of the fastest shippers I have ever bought items from as of yet. The Rutilated Quartz is very unusual stone. It has little "Golden Angel Hairs" trapped inside the gemstone.  Here is  what the necklace looks like with an enhancer. I just got out of the shower, so give me a break. The enhancer is a Venetian piece by Taglimonte.

Go check out the other pieces that Rutha makes, I can almost guarantee there are going to be pieces in her Etsy store that you are going to love.

You will have to let me know what you think.


  1. Dear Kimberly, i am so happy your enjoy the jewelry. From the first purchase you seemed a woman that knows what she wants and has an eye to recognise it right away. You have also given me great ideas, and the last two necklaces are our mutual creation.
    About the picture with the towel... I like it! you looked as if you just stepped out from an Italian painting!

  2. Thank you so much Rutha for your great designs, and for all the extra beauty that artist like yourself bring into this world. You have a great gift. I am happy to share your talent with the rest of the world!