Monday, February 21, 2011

Mia Monday Snow Holiday

Honestly, I would have even liked to do this over the weekend. Sit in my rocking chair and read. This weekend is a traditional Snow Weekend or Ski Weekend around here. We have lots of snow in the mountains. My hubby loves to ski, but we have not been up to the mountains since my son was very young. Neither of my children have even seen SNOW which is so odd for me. I grew up walking to school up hill both ways in the snow. We endured the blizzard of 1978. Wow! That seems like a lifetime ago.

My kids have never made a snow ball. I used to stay outside in the cold playing until I had no feeling in my hands or feet. We made snow Angels, snow men (snow people was not thought of back then) we played tag. We had snot running out our nose and we did not care. Tackling anyone was okay, because there was snow to cushion your fall.

We also did some really stupid things. Bumper skiing was may have even been against the law. Is it dangerous? Yes, very dangerous. One could slide up under the car, and get run over by a car. So, in the HOOD we could not afford to go skiing. The next best thing was grabbing a bumper of a car, and hold on for dear life. Did I do something so stupid and dangerous? Well, I have children. I saw these things, and my sister never participated in such an activity.

As I remember how I used to spend the snowy weekends in the HOOD. I have now spent this weekend doing taxes. Hmmm, I would much rather spend it in the snow.


  1. How old are your children? Ours learnt to ski at an early age, I was surprised that yours have never even made a snowball!

  2. They are 11 and 12.

    I can't believe that they have not either. It used to be a decent drive to Lake Tahoe. It used to take us about 2 1/2 hours, but the last time we went it took about 5 hours to get to a destination that should take 2 hours. Bumper to bumper traffic in the mountains...just not worth it!