Friday, February 25, 2011

Joseph Sparrowhawk and Sarah II

The father of Sarah was Jacob Persinger. Jacob was one of the Scottish men that moved into the area of Virginia where Cherokee People had been living for thousands of years. A village of Cherokee people became fond of Jacob, and he of the village people.

A family that he knew lived near the home of Jacob. The Cherokee family lived in a cabin in the woods. One night the family was being harassed by some men that were not friendly with the Native People, and believed that somehow they were superior to the Native People. The men gathered the family, and shot them, and then burned the house down. The men did not know that the ten year old girl was outside. The men spotted her and ran after her. The rowdy noise of the men and fire caught the attention of Jacob and another neighbor. The men rode to the cabin where the family lived. They heard a shot ring into the air. The little girl had been shot in the back. Jacob and his neighbor quickened the step of their horses, they found the girl. She was bleeding heavily. She was still alive. Jacob picked her up and pressed the wound closed. The neighbor got as close to the fire of the cabin as he could. The family had already died in the flames. Jacob took off with the girl for his home. The neighbor rode to the home of the Doctor. The Doctor refused to come to help an Indian girl. Jacob and his family did all they could. The little girl lived for 12 days, but passed away with a fever. Jacob and his family made a tribute to the family. He wanted everyone to know what happened at that cabin should not happen again.

Joseph would never feel comfortable living in a house. It is said that he often thought of a house as a four wall cage. He would stay with Sarah sometimes in the cabin that Sarah lived, but he would never stay long. Sarah understood this, and let Joseph be Joseph. Joseph was from the bird family of the Cherokee people and he needed to feel his freedom. Sarah loved him, and loved seeing him happy. There was the one time of her first pregnancy that she wished he was there with her. (That story will have to wait until next time,)

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