Friday, July 15, 2011

Changing All Around

The other day I stayed up until 2AM trying to get things just right so I can really move up from Blogger to Wordpress. I was thinking, it might be interesting to tell you about my progress.

Here is my link

I did get all my archived articles from blog spot to Word press.

I hope to get my followers there. I will keep you undated.

Abagail Warner Fizer

Well, I really wish I had a photo to share of her, but alas I do not. She is one of the many names that I am fascinated with in my family tree. I am sure you all have your fair share too. I love trying to find information about the women as well as the men. Just think about how much of an effect the women had on the country. Everyone of our relatives have left something more than we could ever imagine, and done things that we could never fathom. It is a deep passion that has sped through my veins even at a young age. Who we are is so much of where we have been. Not just us physically, but our families, all those that came before us gave so much of themselves. I really want to know and understand as much as I can about all of them.

I have been told for years that we have Native American blood, but I have not found evidence. I must tell you that some people are not happy when you tell them..."There is no evidence to support what you have told me." Oh sure, I do think there is a thread of truth that runs through those old stories, but some of the stories are just that...Stories. I think I am going to just get a DNA test done to find all of the strands of races we may have.

What about Abagail? Well, I do know that she was married to Peter Fizer. Abagail was born in 1809 in Virginia. I have tried to get a hold of a professional, but the person that I hired has not got back with me. I have to get a hold of Ancestry to find out how to hire someone else, and get my money back. My distant cousin Melissa found this bit of information.

Excerpt from Sylvie Sowards's 1948 family history:

In reference to Great Grandfather's mother, Abigail (Warner) Collins, after the end of the Civil War, I have no record of when she first came to Virginia. However, she came to Sycamore to visit her only son then living who was Peter, at his home at the Clay Mitchell place. She had married a Collins and Uncle Lum informed me that they went to housekeeping across the Sycamore Creek from the Sycamore Schoolhouse now owned by D.J. Craddock. This hollow was then called Collins Hollow after Mr. Collins who lived there.

Well, later on she was visiting relatives in Ceredo, W. Va. And was stricken with heart attack while she and a little girl were watching boats sail up and down the Ohio River, so Uncle Ben Griffith tells me. This is in the month of April, 1876 while Uncle Ben and his mother were living at the old Buck Thompson place now owned by Uncle Lum Fizer, and Grandfather Mose was then living at the Charley Burdette farm then owned by the Kirtley's. He got Cal Thompson, (Frank's father) a minister to meet the train at Hurricane and bring the corpse out to Sycamore for burial at the old cemetery above Nye or below the Mattie Smith place.
Grandfather Mose was following the wagon. Uncle Peter Fizer was riding on the wagon with Mr. Thompson, Uncle Ben's mother, Mrs. Griffith inquires of grandfather, "Who is the corpse?" He advised her that it was his grandmother, Mrs. Abigail Collins. They proceeded on their way to the cemetery, stopping for a short time at her son's home, Peter Fizer, then living at the Clay Mitchell place. That will be 71 years ago this April. Her body was laid to rest with no mark or trace of her grave established.
This is all the information that I have been able to research.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Craig Nelson

This is one of the paintings that I own from painter Craig Nelson. I really enjoy his paintings... warm tones and just an old world feel to the painting. I admired this painting from a far for a while before I purchased it. Every time I went to take a look at the gallery collection this one kept my attention so long. It has a special place in my home. As I decend the steps in the morning I see her on the second floor.

What about the woman in her home? Well, her dress does not scream "field worker", but her surrondings are simplistic. Is she sitting in the sun to take a break. Her dress is not party elegant but it is pretty. The window reminds me of a basement window. What do you think? I love her hair, and it looks as though it is long.

Craig is not only a painter, but also teaches. I invite you to take a look at some of his other paintings. I am sure you will get lost in the paintings. Just a joy to behold.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not So Big...Transformation Tuesday

Just as the sun breaks through the fog in the Bay Area, I have broke through my own fog, in so many new ways. I have lost weight, and soon I will make my reveal to you all. I have been eating well along with exercise. Writing in my journal has also helped me see the patterns that I get into, and how I can self correct the old ways and make better ways for myself. One of the greatest gifts that I have had in my life has been listening to Renee Stephens I have been listening to her podcast for many years. If you need help in weight loss, give her a test listen. It will be worth your time.

Much of the time spent doing simple tasks around the house is also spent listening to Renee. Improving myself inside first has made so much sense. I was athletic for many years. Swimming, tennis, and bike riding were really a part of my life for so long. Once I had children things changed. My attitude about life changed. I needed a mental adjustment that Renee gave me. I mean...I am not an idiot! Physical Education was part of my college career. I have trained people, and taught every aquatic activity except SCUBA.

Many people of all walks of life can benefit from what Renee has to offer. Transform your Tuesday with Renee too!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mia Monday...Property Hunting

Over the past weekend we have been property hunting. Our relator seems to be the perfect fit for us. I added this photo since I have not even downloaded the photos from this weekend and we could not see the Pacific Ocean this time.  The rock by the beach is huge, and it is Morro Bay. All of San Luis Obispo is beautiful.

As many people know we have been looking for the property of our dreams since 07. We really need to find the place this year. My hubby is really starting to run out of fuel to keep looking in one area. The whole county of San Luis Obispo is beautiful, but we have to find the right mixture of features to start our orchard and vineyard.

It really hurts when we come home, and the kids say they are homesick for San Luis Obispo. The ride home is just getting more depressing as we fail to find the ONE. I just believe this year is going to be the year we find it, we purchase it, and move to it! This is the year!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Different Kind Of Fun!

Since there are so many people crowded at the beaches, we opted for something different. We went to the grave park and walked around up and down the hills. It is such a beautiful grave park with lots of old crypts, and statuary. In the early 1900's this is where people would hang out on Sunday after church. Go to the grave park and ride bikes and have a picnic. While we were visiting the grave park there were bikers and some people having a picnic. It was a really nice day!