Monday, January 31, 2011

Strange Things

Usually, I am not afraid of being in my own home. I usually am the last one to go to bed, and walk up the steps in the dark to my room to go to bed. Lately I have been reading journals of one of my ancestors. She was in the middle of talking about a scary wind storm that happened. She said the wind storm caused a tree branch to scratch up against the tin roof.

The very same night we had hurricane winds that swirled around the house. I got chills, and it was very late. As I read I kept seeing images out of my peripheral vision. I was getting spooked. I used the light of my Mac to make it into the kitchen. I was still feeling overwhelmed with fear. I had to grab my flashlight and walk upstairs.

The next morning I hear SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH coming from my radio. It was an alarm. The alarm went off at 6:03 am. I never set this alarm. I use my iPhone. For three days the alarm that I never set went off every morning at the same time.

I unplugged the radio and reset the clock. The 4th day a Hawk shows up in front of my house. We don't have too many hawks that show up in front of my house. This was no ordinary hawk. He continued to scream over and over, so I grabbed my camera and took this photo. Not only was this hawk on the line, he had crows that were following him. The crows were all in another tree, lots of them!

The Native people believe that the birds are messengers from Heaven to Earth. After I took the photo the  Hawk flew away, and so did all the crows.

My Cherokee ancestor went by the name of Joseph Sparrowhawk. Did chills go up your spine? Now, I have to figure out what is the message Joseph and Sarah want me to discover. Thoughts?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sarah (Sallie) Persinger

This is the Persinger home that the State of Virginia may save. The application process is going on right now, so I am not sure about the approval date.

Sallie was on of 10 children. She was born in 1790, and times were very different back then. The children all helped when it came time to any of the chores. Laundry was done by hand, and everyone tried to keep the clothes as clean as they could. It would be several days before things were washed.

Children were schooled by the family Bible. Learning how to read, and write, and sewing for the girls. Chicken, cows, sheep, were kept around as long as they could keep them. Chickens give eggs, cows give milk, and sheep give wool. Pigs were slaughtered once a year. They ate the leftovers, and gave meat when they were large enough. The whole pig was eaten, no left over parts. Everything was precious.

One day when Sarah was 14 it was her turn to clean out the barn. She was known to have what was referred to as the "eye", meaning that she had flashes of what the future would bring. She told everyone that she did not want to clean the barn. Crying about doing her job. Her other brothers and sisters just thought she wanted to get out of doing her work.

She somehow talked her self into going out to get the job done. She worked hard, went to go get some cool, sweet water, then back to work. She was working at making a nice bed for her favorite horse that was out running the field.

A man come to the door of the Persingers on this hot day. He asked if he could have some work to make some money. Mrs. Persinger said she would give him some food for helping to clean out the barn with their daughter. The man finds his way out to the barn.

Sarah is working hard as she hears the cicadas in the trees. The strange man enters the barn, and she barely sees him out of the corner of her eye when he is on top of her. He rapes her beating her over and over. He finally finishes his terror on this sweet young girl. She gets up out of the hay and walks to the pitch fork. She jabs him in the gut with the pitch fork over and over again. She stabs him so many times with the pitch fork that the tinges bend, she struggles to get the pitch fork out of his lifeless body. She then turns the pitch fork around and beats him in the face with the other end of the pitch fork.

She walks outside the barn dripping in the blood of the terrorist. She allows herself long blood boiling scream, as she bends her knees and falls to the ground.

The family comes running out from every direction. They check Sarah from head to toe to make sure it was not her blood. They look in the barn to find the mangled body of the horrid animal that stole the innocence from a girl. This woman now needs the comfort of her family. Sarah tells them how he defiled her, and they gather in a circle to discuss what they need to get done. Sarah is taken in the house. The boys all agree that there is no way the authorities will understand what Sarah did. The authorities will blame Sarah.

The boys go back in the barn, everyone picks up a limb. The man that came seeking food and trouble was burned in the woods. No trace has ever been found of the man.

Sarah made a recovery. Two years later her father asked her if she was ready for a courting one of the many men that asked about her. Sarah wanted something different. She took off for the woods, she was gone for three weeks.  (More next week)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Manfred Rapp

This is one of my favorite paintings in the hallway. The colors are so vivid, it is almost like you are there among the people of Milan. This painting was on my list of "must haves" for a while. As anyone that has visited my blog knows...I love Italy, and all things Italian. I love the architecture of the church. This is sometimes called the birthday cake because of all the spires on the building. This is the third largest church in the world. The first stone for the building was laid down in 1386, but it was not completed until January 6th 1965 when the last gate was inaugurated.

If you are interested in viewing all the paintings that Manfred Rapp has available at Willow Gallery. I am not compensated for posting about any artist that I post about on Thursday. I enjoy art and collect it as a private collector I enjoy sharing the art that I have purchased. There may be other galleries that sell his art, the link I provide is there for insight.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Minerva Jane Snodgrass

This is a copy of a painting that I have of my great grandmother Minerva Jane Snodgrass. I found Minerva because this is a family name. Her father had a sister named Minerva Jane. His sister died while they were very young. I found the information through the county they lived.  There were will records too, and all on line. My Aunt had this painting, and made a copy for me. The only real personal information I know about Minerva was that she and her sister, Mary had a double wedding. Her mother had a very unusual name America Adkins.

TIPS There are a lot of family groups out there, so if you are looking for people that are from another country start out by goggling your family name.  I found some of the information about Minerva through the county they were from, Cabel County. As I said before there are many counties out there that have a lot of information about their county.

After I found Minerva Jane I knew the first one I found was not the one I was looking for, but they were related. I posted info on Rootsweb, and one of the people e-mailed me to let me know that there was a society that researched the Snodgrass line in Scotland. I found the society, and Sue helped me find the census and more will information.

You may also get lucky with the finding a book all about your family line. I have a cousin that is mailing me some photos of other family members that I have never seen photos of thus far, so I can't wait to share them with you once I have them. Was that a run on sentence?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Curator Passion

I love collecting. It is in my blood. Actually, it is not only me, but my whole family. We collect Italian items such as art and theme related to Italy. Jewelry, fashion, books, cafe pieces, and vehicles. We are going to have our own museum to display our collection. We already have a layout plan of the initial place to house the collection.

Thursdays have always been the day that I share my collection with the world. I think I am going to continue with what I started. Thursdays will be known on my blog as "Thumbs up Thursday, Curator Corner".

I like themes, they help keep me motivated and focused on a subject to share with readers. I am still in the process of "claiming" my own domaine. After I have it established I will seek out my readers that have been lost since my name change. I just could not keep the other name in good faith, especially since I want to have a relationship with Italian towns and villages to collect things that we can display at our museum.

Once I do have the real website up and running I will write to all my followers that I had at my other blog, and have more of a new themed day linky parties. Thumbs Up Thursday will allow other to showcase their collections too. From spoons, thimbles, coins, art, jewelry, what ever you wish to share.

I have many artists to showcase. Artists is fine arts, crafts, jewelry, pottery, it is vast...and will take me years to show you everything. I hope to see you all.

If you are wondering what is with the sun is one that I took at Disneyland this summer. I have a blog that covers sun art throughout history. 365 Days of Sun. It is a collection of sun images. If you have an interesting photo of the sun you have found email me the story and photo and I will post your image and story with a link of your choice to the blog.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Confessions of a Jewelry Junkie!

These are some of my gemstone necklaces. I really am a jewelry junkie. I even go through phases of must haves. Sometimes I am obsessed with bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings. It is just whatever inspires me at a given time. I love designers as well as some lesser known jewelry artists.

This is just the gemstone collection. I prefer a more old world look. I also prefer gemstone necklaces that allow me to change the pendant. There are some gemstone necklaces that have a pendant that is an inclusive part of the necklace. This only screams "restrictions" to me. I really like when there is some room in between the beads, so I have room to add a pendant.

I have tried to collect many different gemstones. Right now I am loving my Peruvian Pink Opals. It has been my flavor of the month. I recently purchased lemon quartz and a Golden Rutilated Quartz.

I have always loved jewelry. I don't know any female friends that don't love jewelry. I am drawn to certain stones at different times. It took me a long time to get the Peruvian Pink Opals they are rare, and very costly.

Because I love the Golden Rutilated Quartz so much I had to get a bracelet too. So, I have to know... Are there others out there?


Monday, January 10, 2011

What Have I Learned?

One of the Angels that I used in my Project 365. Everyday, take a photo of something. This is on the retaining wall in the backyard. So far this year, I have learned that it is better for me to take several photos in one day and save them for the project. Hmmm, so it is not an honest view of my life, or is it?

I have done really well about exercising and eating right. Honestly, by now I have already cheated or munched my way through something that I know is sooo bad for me. I know that this is really for me. I have been writing to other people on "Spark People" that have some of the same issues that I do. I have found groups that I feel as though I have common traits. I even went to Mass.

So, often I skip Mass. I see the same people Monday through Friday when I go pick up my kids, so for a while I just wanted to have the whole weekend away from everyone except my family. There was a time when I loved going to Mass, but I did not like it when it seemed as though it was more of a chore than time out of my day I felt spiritually closer to God. Oh sure, I used to....but I think a lot of it has been that I have let my fat get in my way. What does that mean? It was an excuse for me. None of my clothes fit me any longer. I just have not felt closer to anyone being rounder.

Yesterday, I did feel good about Mass. I wore an outfit that was not my favorite, but I made the best of it. I even slammed on some war paint. (make up)

I have learned that I can not watch television after I drop off the kids. It is like poison gets inside my body, and I can't move. I can't get up to exercise or do all the other things that I need to do. I think this is going to be my magical blogging time.  I think I miss the sound of a social atmosphere going on in my house. That is what the television provides for me.

I like working out before I have my breakfast.

I call my mom and talk to her on face time as I put away the dishes. I hate holding the phone between my head and my shoulder.

Alright, it is getting close to my "goal" work out time.

Have a super great day.

Have you learned anything new about yourself this year?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello, Apple Support.

If you know what this is the chances are you are an Apple person or even an Apple Geek. This is a wall socket for my iPhone 4.

Recently, I sent my dad (60+years old) a Macbook. When we get a new MacBook, MacBook Pro, or anything Apple we like to give our other Apple devices to our family. I think I have all my immediate family covered, and recently one of my favorite Uncle.

Since all these family members have an Apple they call me to get help for their problems.  My dad just got his new (08 Macbook) from me, and I assisted him over the phone on how to set it up. He was telling me before I sent him the Mac that he had an iPhone 3G. I was telling him...Dad, now you can download all your stuff from your iPhone right on your Mac. I asked...Have you got any apps on your iPhone. No, he said I don't have any apps. Well, I don't know how you even use your phone without an ITunes account. I then asked "Are you sure it is an iPhone? Yes, he insisted! It is an iPhone.

I spent an least an hour on the phone telling him that he had to plug his phone into the Mac to get the iPhone to download. He kept telling me "There is no cord!" It came with no cord! Alright, alright, you will have to look in your box. No, it wasn't there. I asked him if maybe there was a chance that he lost it. He insisted "It never came with one!" Ugh! I had to go.

Being so OCD I could not give this up! I called Dad back, and asked "Where did you get the phone Dad?  Did you buy this from some guy off the street? Did you buy this at a reputable dealer? He said he bought it at Radio Shack. Radio Shack? Yes, he said. Don't you have an Apple Store around there? No, he said there is not one in the whole state of WV.

I live in CA. They are like Starbucks, everywhere out here. S

Finally, I said...Dad, I am going to send you some photos of what the cord, plug, and USB connector look like. This is what you should have.

I called back the next day. he even took all his stuff to my Uncles house so he could see too. I asked my Uncle...Does Dad have any of the power cords or USB cord? No, my Uncle told me. I asked him to give the phone to my dad. I asked again "Dad, are you sure that is an iPhone?" Yes, it is! It is an iPhone! Dad, turn the phone over and read to me what it says on the says SAMSUNG.

What The Hell! Dad, it is not an iPhone! He defended his side...It is just like an iPhone. OMG!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cart Wheels In My Yard

So, I said once the children go back to school that I was going to be doing cartwheels in the front yard. Well, I exaggerated a little.

Not only did I exercise finished loads of laundry, I even had time for a facial. This is mud from Italy! Swanky!

I am so not kidding about living it up, right now in fact I am drinking a cup of Chamomile while I write this to you. Almost forgot to tell you...I even practiced my Italian on Rosetta Stone, and got an 88%.

If you are trying to transform your life you may want to take a listen to the podcast of Renee Stephenson. She is the author of Inside Out Weight Loss. I just love listening to her while I fold clothes or make beds or do any of the other glamourous jobs that I encounter throughout the day.  Spark People is another great place to start to make changes, you have to want it though.

All of you have a great day! If you have any tips on transforming our lives in a positive manner. Please share!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pulling Up My Big Girl Panties

First, I need to find my Big Girl Panties. I was poking around the web yesterday, and ran across Scary Mommy she is one of my friends on Twitter. I read her blog post, and she had a lot of great information about blogging. I have contemplated having a blog on word press before I read her post. When I took a look before it all seemed so daunting. Was I talented enough for word press? kept running through my head. Well, I thought I did meet my husband on line before it was the cool thing to do. Hubby and I created an education site before there was Google. I had webrings, and I bet not a lot of people even know what those are. When we had my husband had to write all the HTML for me. Since I have a Mac these days I am going to utilize my "One to One" membership and learn how to use the domain name I have Terra Del Sole D'Oro (Land of the Golden Sun) and create my own website with a blog from word press. This is a great time since I lost all my followers from moving from my old name Terra Del Sole to my new name Terra Del Sole D'Oro I will have to write to each one of the old followers to ask them to rejoin me as a follower. I may as well do this as a Big Girl, so I am going to be pulling those things up soon. Right now, I just may as well be naked. I can do this! *chanting to myself over and over* In the mean time please "like" my face book page.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

No Resolution, but an Evolution

No resolution for me this year. This year it is an Evolution of my body, mind and spirit. I have always been a big fan of Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle...once again in my life I find myself needing to break out of this ho hum, feeling of drop my leaves and start fresh.

I have been exercising for four days, and today is the 5th. I am not going to push myself into a punishment or crisis mode. I am going to simply eat better. Exercise 20 mins a day. Twenty minutes is not that much time. I can do this. I have caught myself looking at the clock...has it been 20 minutes yet? I know it takes time to develop a habit. I can give myself at least 20 mins. each day. I used to love exercise, but somewhere it became a monster that lived in the closet.

I fed the monster. Exercise equipment, DVD's, and recently apps have all helped to keep the monster in the closet. Now, the monster takes up the whole damn closet. There is not more room for coats or others things, just a big ball, pilates machine, weights of various sizes, bands that stretch, DVD's.

Once this exercise (or I exorcise out my fat demon) takes hold into becoming a habit I will be healthy again. This year though it is not just about being healthy through exercise, but learning something new. Utilizing the Rosetta Stone I have installed on my Mac.

What about my spirit? I am Catholic! I really need to get to Mass. I enjoy going, but again...somewhere along the journey...going to Mass became a chore. Just like a child reluctant to do chores I hid. I want to enjoy life as I used to...I know that exercise can help! I studied Physical Education...I know all these things, but I have not utilized my knowledge in the best way I can.

This year for me it is about evolving into ME! Being the best person I can be. Not rushing out to buy more exercise equipment, DVD's or apps. I already have all I need I just have to pull it out of the closet and use it.

This is my testament...Better me this year!