Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello, Apple Support.

If you know what this is the chances are you are an Apple person or even an Apple Geek. This is a wall socket for my iPhone 4.

Recently, I sent my dad (60+years old) a Macbook. When we get a new MacBook, MacBook Pro, or anything Apple we like to give our other Apple devices to our family. I think I have all my immediate family covered, and recently one of my favorite Uncle.

Since all these family members have an Apple they call me to get help for their problems.  My dad just got his new (08 Macbook) from me, and I assisted him over the phone on how to set it up. He was telling me before I sent him the Mac that he had an iPhone 3G. I was telling him...Dad, now you can download all your stuff from your iPhone right on your Mac. I asked...Have you got any apps on your iPhone. No, he said I don't have any apps. Well, I don't know how you even use your phone without an ITunes account. I then asked "Are you sure it is an iPhone? Yes, he insisted! It is an iPhone.

I spent an least an hour on the phone telling him that he had to plug his phone into the Mac to get the iPhone to download. He kept telling me "There is no cord!" It came with no cord! Alright, alright, you will have to look in your box. No, it wasn't there. I asked him if maybe there was a chance that he lost it. He insisted "It never came with one!" Ugh! I had to go.

Being so OCD I could not give this up! I called Dad back, and asked "Where did you get the phone Dad?  Did you buy this from some guy off the street? Did you buy this at a reputable dealer? He said he bought it at Radio Shack. Radio Shack? Yes, he said. Don't you have an Apple Store around there? No, he said there is not one in the whole state of WV.

I live in CA. They are like Starbucks, everywhere out here. S

Finally, I said...Dad, I am going to send you some photos of what the cord, plug, and USB connector look like. This is what you should have.

I called back the next day. he even took all his stuff to my Uncles house so he could see too. I asked my Uncle...Does Dad have any of the power cords or USB cord? No, my Uncle told me. I asked him to give the phone to my dad. I asked again "Dad, are you sure that is an iPhone?" Yes, it is! It is an iPhone! Dad, turn the phone over and read to me what it says on the says SAMSUNG.

What The Hell! Dad, it is not an iPhone! He defended his side...It is just like an iPhone. OMG!


  1. God Bless him! I can relate. (Well, sort of.) I'm married to a geek. (No, not a Greek, a geek!)

  2. Kimberly, I just realized you are a local girl! I'm in Alameda!

  3. Yes, send me an email. Maybe we could have coffee soon!

  4. LOL My dad wouldn't know what an iPhone is either. I'm forever their "go to person" when it comes to anything technical