Friday, January 14, 2011

Minerva Jane Snodgrass

This is a copy of a painting that I have of my great grandmother Minerva Jane Snodgrass. I found Minerva because this is a family name. Her father had a sister named Minerva Jane. His sister died while they were very young. I found the information through the county they lived.  There were will records too, and all on line. My Aunt had this painting, and made a copy for me. The only real personal information I know about Minerva was that she and her sister, Mary had a double wedding. Her mother had a very unusual name America Adkins.

TIPS There are a lot of family groups out there, so if you are looking for people that are from another country start out by goggling your family name.  I found some of the information about Minerva through the county they were from, Cabel County. As I said before there are many counties out there that have a lot of information about their county.

After I found Minerva Jane I knew the first one I found was not the one I was looking for, but they were related. I posted info on Rootsweb, and one of the people e-mailed me to let me know that there was a society that researched the Snodgrass line in Scotland. I found the society, and Sue helped me find the census and more will information.

You may also get lucky with the finding a book all about your family line. I have a cousin that is mailing me some photos of other family members that I have never seen photos of thus far, so I can't wait to share them with you once I have them. Was that a run on sentence?


  1. THanks for taking the time to link this up to my Round Robin. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Ciao Kimberly, All the best for 2011. I am back at last catching up on all the posts I missed while I was away from computing while on an extended trip to the UK. You have been busy writing some interesting posts, love the Italian mud. By the way I looked for you on Twitter with no success. It was fascinating to read about Minerva.