Monday, January 31, 2011

Strange Things

Usually, I am not afraid of being in my own home. I usually am the last one to go to bed, and walk up the steps in the dark to my room to go to bed. Lately I have been reading journals of one of my ancestors. She was in the middle of talking about a scary wind storm that happened. She said the wind storm caused a tree branch to scratch up against the tin roof.

The very same night we had hurricane winds that swirled around the house. I got chills, and it was very late. As I read I kept seeing images out of my peripheral vision. I was getting spooked. I used the light of my Mac to make it into the kitchen. I was still feeling overwhelmed with fear. I had to grab my flashlight and walk upstairs.

The next morning I hear SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH coming from my radio. It was an alarm. The alarm went off at 6:03 am. I never set this alarm. I use my iPhone. For three days the alarm that I never set went off every morning at the same time.

I unplugged the radio and reset the clock. The 4th day a Hawk shows up in front of my house. We don't have too many hawks that show up in front of my house. This was no ordinary hawk. He continued to scream over and over, so I grabbed my camera and took this photo. Not only was this hawk on the line, he had crows that were following him. The crows were all in another tree, lots of them!

The Native people believe that the birds are messengers from Heaven to Earth. After I took the photo the  Hawk flew away, and so did all the crows.

My Cherokee ancestor went by the name of Joseph Sparrowhawk. Did chills go up your spine? Now, I have to figure out what is the message Joseph and Sarah want me to discover. Thoughts?


  1. Just catching up on my blog reading and boy did this send chills up my spine and it is not even my experience. I think the message is to keep on with the family research.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. I have been enjoying it so much! Thanks Linda