Thursday, January 13, 2011

Curator Passion

I love collecting. It is in my blood. Actually, it is not only me, but my whole family. We collect Italian items such as art and theme related to Italy. Jewelry, fashion, books, cafe pieces, and vehicles. We are going to have our own museum to display our collection. We already have a layout plan of the initial place to house the collection.

Thursdays have always been the day that I share my collection with the world. I think I am going to continue with what I started. Thursdays will be known on my blog as "Thumbs up Thursday, Curator Corner".

I like themes, they help keep me motivated and focused on a subject to share with readers. I am still in the process of "claiming" my own domaine. After I have it established I will seek out my readers that have been lost since my name change. I just could not keep the other name in good faith, especially since I want to have a relationship with Italian towns and villages to collect things that we can display at our museum.

Once I do have the real website up and running I will write to all my followers that I had at my other blog, and have more of a new themed day linky parties. Thumbs Up Thursday will allow other to showcase their collections too. From spoons, thimbles, coins, art, jewelry, what ever you wish to share.

I have many artists to showcase. Artists is fine arts, crafts, jewelry, pottery, it is vast...and will take me years to show you everything. I hope to see you all.

If you are wondering what is with the sun is one that I took at Disneyland this summer. I have a blog that covers sun art throughout history. 365 Days of Sun. It is a collection of sun images. If you have an interesting photo of the sun you have found email me the story and photo and I will post your image and story with a link of your choice to the blog.


  1. When I was young, I loved to collect too, but now it annoys me to clean all the stuff, hehe!

  2. Ale, I am so glad you are here.