Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pulling Up My Big Girl Panties

First, I need to find my Big Girl Panties. I was poking around the web yesterday, and ran across Scary Mommy she is one of my friends on Twitter. I read her blog post, and she had a lot of great information about blogging. I have contemplated having a blog on word press before I read her post. When I took a look before it all seemed so daunting. Was I talented enough for word press? kept running through my head. Well, I thought I did meet my husband on line before it was the cool thing to do. Hubby and I created an education site before there was Google. I had webrings, and I bet not a lot of people even know what those are. When we had my husband had to write all the HTML for me. Since I have a Mac these days I am going to utilize my "One to One" membership and learn how to use the domain name I have Terra Del Sole D'Oro (Land of the Golden Sun) and create my own website with a blog from word press. This is a great time since I lost all my followers from moving from my old name Terra Del Sole to my new name Terra Del Sole D'Oro I will have to write to each one of the old followers to ask them to rejoin me as a follower. I may as well do this as a Big Girl, so I am going to be pulling those things up soon. Right now, I just may as well be naked. I can do this! *chanting to myself over and over* In the mean time please "like" my face book page.


  1. Good Lord, Girl, you can do this! (I on the other hand could not!)

  2. Sure you can! Anyone is capable of doing anything, it is in you!