Friday, March 11, 2011

Joseph Sparrowhawk and Sarah III

Joseph Sparrowhawk was not comfortable living in a house. Sarah Persinger Sparrowhawk live in a cabin. Joseph and Sarah would often visit the Cherokee village that Joseph was from, and often Joseph would go off to hunt and Sarah would stay home. 

There were times that Sarah would play the stick game with the others in the Cherokee village. It has been said that Sarah was really good at the stick game (we call it lacrosse now). Sarah enjoyed hunting with Joseph too. One story that I am familiar with went a little something like this...

Sarah's mom was working in the vegetable garden saw only figures of two people walking toward her. Since they were in the sun she knew that the two were dressed in the Native way. She saw that one of the figures were carrying something. As the figures got closer she finally saw that it was Sarah and Joseph. Sarah had a deer over her shoulders. Sarah greeted her mom, and showed off her deer. How did Sarah kill the deer. Joseph told her that Sarah finally learned how to stand as silent as a tree. Sarah had always had a jaw that did not waver. Soon the brothers of Sarah show up to see her with her deer. They teased her about her hunt, and she was not going to take being teased. She told them to set up some apples and she would show them how good she was with a bow and arrow. The boys set up some apples. She missed the first one, but got the second one square in the middle. Joseph was so proud he cheered for her. 

Once Sarah was pregnant she could no longer enjoy as much hunting. Often Joseph was gone. As Sarah got closer to her date of possible delivery a family member would go to check on her. During the delivery of her first she was all alone in her cabin. Just as the head came out one of her brothers just arrived. He helped her as she gave birth. The first baby she named Gabriel after the Angel since she believed that it was Heaven that sent her brother to the cabin at that time. She wasn't done. One more child...this explains so much she said...I wondered why I was so big and so uncomfortable...I was carrying twins all this time. 

Next time I will tell you what becomes of her children.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Transformation Tuesday, Closet Battles

These little animals were a favorite of my son so long ago. Here you see them in a fort. 

I have been crazy busy with cleaning out closets, and really anything that has been getting on my nerves. I started this whole craze last week. I could not open the door correctly to get into the closet of my son. The whole mess made me nervous, just going into his closet gave me the shakes. Neither of the doors would open all the way. I just could not take it any longer. It took me all day to JUST clean out the closet and reorganize it.

I gotta tell you my son is more fashion forward than my daughter in some respects. He ask me in the 2nd grade why he had to wear generic shirts. You know, the no name brands. The kid not only wanted a brand name, but he had his mind set to Ralph Lauren. I indulged his desire to be more fashionable. So, as I cleaned out his closet there were all these nice pants, jeans, polo shirts, dress shirts, and jackets. I called one of my friends to ask her if she would like for me to mail the clothes to her children. She told me that her children were larger than my children. They just would not fit her kids. I called another friend that knows EVERYONE, but she never called back that day. I wished out loud for someone that I knew to have these really nice clothes. God really heard my prayer.

My doorbell rang, and I thought at this hour it would be UPS, FEDEX or US Mail, but was my dear friend Margarita. She is a little old Italian from Naples. I just love her! She is about 4 foot 5 inches, with a thick accent. She makes you feel like a family member in 2 seconds. She tells me "I called you on Mothers Day last year, did you get my message?" Yes, I replied. I started feeling bad. Margarita told me..."Oh, sweetheart don't even worry about it." I understand! The thing is, she really does understand. She has about 5 children of her own, and then there are all the other people that she has adopted. I feel honored that I am one of them. She even taught me how to bake bread several years ago when we were able to spend Tuesday afternoon together having a cup of tea.

After we had spent some time catching up, I asked her if she had any grandchildren that were young enough for all the clothes that I had to give to her. She was so happy. She told me that her son had just lost his job, and he and his wife have several children and would be so happy to have the clothes. I was so happy. Here a few minutes ago I had asked for someone that would appreciate the clothes to have them, and she was so happy. I am so happy that someone that needs them will have them.

This is a great way to transform. Get rid of the old, and find them a new home. How do you transform?