Monday, July 11, 2011

Mia Monday...Property Hunting

Over the past weekend we have been property hunting. Our relator seems to be the perfect fit for us. I added this photo since I have not even downloaded the photos from this weekend and we could not see the Pacific Ocean this time.  The rock by the beach is huge, and it is Morro Bay. All of San Luis Obispo is beautiful.

As many people know we have been looking for the property of our dreams since 07. We really need to find the place this year. My hubby is really starting to run out of fuel to keep looking in one area. The whole county of San Luis Obispo is beautiful, but we have to find the right mixture of features to start our orchard and vineyard.

It really hurts when we come home, and the kids say they are homesick for San Luis Obispo. The ride home is just getting more depressing as we fail to find the ONE. I just believe this year is going to be the year we find it, we purchase it, and move to it! This is the year!!!


  1. Good luck finding it. Your hard work will pay off...

  2. WOW!!! thanks for stopping by my blog!! i guess you live in toscana or somewhere cose to it!!

    Love your your property so an agriturismo for tourists?!?! In that case...I may stop by sometimes!!! ;)

  3. How lovely to see you pop up on News From Italy earlier today, it has been awhile since you last posted. This is really good news hope all goes well with the intensified search for the right property.