Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Ever Wednesday

This is a photograph I took last week when my husband and I attended the Christmas Party for his office. It looks so peaceful, but if you have ever been out in the Pacific Ocean you also know the water is soooo cold.

Some companies these days don't even have a Christmas party any longer. They forgo the whole thing since people over indulge and then want to sue someone for their own overindulgence. I think it is sad, but understandable. A small company could be put out of business with just one idiot ruining it for everyone else.

There is no drinking at the party, and I think that is a good thing. This year I have opted out of attending the Christmas party for moms at school. I just don't feel like being around everyone without making a real effort to improve myself. This year was suppose to be the year I got in shape. It did not turn out that way. I had hoped that I would inspire other people instead I just can't find the inspiration for myself. I don't think I am going to find it at a Christmas party where everyone is going to be drinking.

I did buy an app that has helped me have a more positive frame of mind. It ask you a series of 5 questions every morning. I have only had it for three days...I hope this acts as a spring board into more action that I can take to get my ass out of the comfortable chair and exercise.

The couple in the Bay look like they are having a great time while I was eating crab at the party. Do you attend many Christmas parties?


  1. It's tough, I have a small biz and would love to do more for holidays for my team but it's so lean. The liability was always a nail biting issue, so very true there.

    We're not doing as many this year- small business events alwasy pop up, but we've decided to tone down and spend more quiet time w/our boys while they have any interest in being with us (closing in on 13!)

  2. A beautiful picture, but what are they doing? Sorry I'm not an ocean girl ;)
    About your quest, I think the answer is do what it makes you happy, and do it only for yourself, otherwise it doesn't work.
    And no I don't attend to Christmas parties, I'm a bit Scrooge :D

  3. No Christmas parties for us either as we no longer work and for us Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends.

  4. The couple in the bay are Paddle Boarding. It is like a surf board, but they paddle like a canoe. They have on full wet suits. The water is freezing cold.

    Have a great one everyone!!!

  5. I'm right there with ya on the "this was the year I was going to get ins shape" Didn't achieve that goal! I'm determined for next year!!

    What app did you get? I have the Gratitude Journal that I really like since it forces me to focus on the positive rather than the negative!