Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Message

I wanted to share this little slide show with you of vintage Christmas cards.

I have thought of a million themes to write about, but my motivation level to share so much has been low. I have really avoided so many sweets and candies, and have been quite proud of myself for eating well. Now, I just have to dig a little deeper to exercise and enjoy doing it.

I have a great journal app. on my iPad that I just love. It allows you to add photos to the journal too. Pretty impressed with it.

I miss blogging, and I am going to find my way back to enjoying this again.

Warm wishes to you all! Merry Christmas on this eve of Christmas Eve.


  1. Tanti auguri Kimberly, I'm not in a sharing mood either, lately.

  2. Grazie! I am going to try to be better! Hope you are well, Darling!