Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Can't Get No...

Oh Christmas, I gotta tell you, every year I get what I want for or shall I say usually before Christmas even happens. So, What is it? Why do I feel so Unsatisfied? Maybe it is in the words of Prince "Momma is never satisfied." I mean I get it that people with some kind of emotional void live their lives trying to find what it is that is missing. I am beginning to think that I just need to take an inventory of my life, my possession, and mostly myself.

I am trying to talk myself into going to a class of kickboxing. It is something that I love, and it is an opportunity for me to get myself out of my comfort zone. Meet some new people and get healthy. I believe this is the step in the right direction that I need. I may even go as early as this Tuesday before all the people that are making their New Years resolution. I can get a jump ahead of time. One hour of my day. One hour to whip my ass into shape again. I think this may be part of void. Something Santa can't bring. This is something I have to do! I have to make this choice.

Do you need something Santa can't bring?

1 comment:

  1. Who is Santa? haha
    Everything I need only I can give me.
    Allow yourself what it makes you happy.