Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Things That Did Not Work For Me In 2010

Okay, let me 1st say that I am not a happy camper until after I have had a cup of coffee.  Right now, I am here to gripe about what did not work for me in 2010

10.) Apple, I love my iPad, but why was there no camera in the first place? I am not picking on you...I am just asking.

9.) We did not find our ranch. Yes, that was very disappointing. The positive side is we lost no money this time. San Luis Obispo...we want a place already!

8.) I found out at SF Bloggy Boot Camp that my other name for my blog could have been asked to cease   by the small town in Italy. So now I have to start all over with followers. I have over 400+ followers, now I don't even have 10. The good news is I had a nice time at SF Bloggy Boot Camp.

7.) My sister came out for only a few days. Positive side was I got to see her.

6.) Every orchid plant I buy dies before a 2 month period. But I am not giving up on these plants.

5.) The shorts I wore at Disneyland may have offended some people, but guess what...I don't care! I was trying to convince myself that I was not as round as I really am. It is too late to change what has already happened anyway!

4.) My 2 giant dogs have broken too many pots. Biggies, give me a break we have already established that I am bad with houseplants these days. Lay off my big terra cotta pots! Stop using my saucers as sleds for the hill!

3.) Too many jewelry makers are making things I like. Stop already. I think I may be an addict!

2.) Artists of the world I love your work. See #3

1.) I am still fat!

The fat bottom line is...I have to change, and work at it.

Eat better, stick with it, and exercise!

What did not work for you this year?


  1. Hmmm, let me think, no I don't want to think about it. ;)
    Happy new year darling!
    Funny list!