Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Out of Control No More

Today I wanted so badly to start living better. Make a jump before the rest of the world decides they want to change as well. I got up early enthusiastically looking forward to going to my kickboxing class. I even asked my husband to take me there. That way if I chickened out I would have to wait for that whole hour of class. I went to the Dojo and what to my eyes should appear..."We have Moved" Ugh! They moved to a new location that was even worse than the place they were before.

Hubby tried to reassure me to find another place. The location of another place is pretty far. Do I really want to drive so far, when the reality is I have so much already here? After much disappointment I decided that I was not going to allow the fact that one location was out of the question. I already have so much equipment. I am even a member of Spark People, so I am putting Spark People at the top of my bookmark bar.

I worked out for 30 mins today. I am pretty proud of myself. I am going to reward myself with a brand new pair of sneakers after I work out for 2 weeks. I just refuse to allow myself to get any fluffier!

Are you starting your New Year resolutions early?


  1. Go girl! ;)
    Beautiful staircase, is it yours?

  2. I bought this on my iPad. It is a photography app.

  3. I started my "resolution" early this year. the very day after Christmas in fact and I havent stopped yet. I am going through each room in my house and getting rid of everything I dont use, need, want. It is scary, liberating and tiring, but man does it feel amazing that after 1 full week, there is still not a spec of clutter on my kitchen counters!!! I hope I can get this part done soon and move on to the general upkeep and get back to crafting!

    Thanks for stopping by, great getting to know you!