Thursday, May 5, 2011

Religion and Ancestors

So lately, I have been fascinated with telling you about my skull fetish. I have read over and over about the Native Americans had a  fascination with crystal skulls. It was more than that to them. Crystals have vibrations of their own, and we are made of the same elements as the crystals. We can feel the energy within the crystals. It really makes sense to me. Rocks and gemstones of various colors and properties have different types of energy that we feel. We know for sure that colors of gemstones effect how we feel. We know for sure that stones are used in computers and watches. They have power, and in the form of a skull is a reflection of us as humans. We have taken something from nature and manipulated it into something that we can identify with, ourselves.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be examining this subject in more depth. Bringing information to you that at least will illuminate the subject of skulls and their place in art, symbolism, and rituals.

I am not sure if Joseph Sparrowhawk knew of or related to crystal skulls, but I do know that he had a deep appreciation for nature. He believed that kindness and tolerance go a long way in society. I too believe in more than one religion above it all. If a religion is GOOD to other people it really does not matter to me what or who they worship. It is about the goodness of their heart. We as human beings have come a long way, and we have more in common with each other than differences. Sure, we are individuals, but we are a community of people that have more love for each other than distain. Kindness goes a long way, rather to our fellow humans, animals, trees, plants or insects. Do something nice today for something or someone! You will feel great!

Thank you Joseph Sparrowhawk and Sarah Persinger for helping me be who I am.


  1. Stopping by from LBS. I love your idea and your goal for your land. Good luck to you.