Thursday, May 5, 2011

Artist of The Week

I have already told you that since I was a young girl I have wanted a crystal skull. A few years ago I finally got a crystal skull. In fact I got my fist one from Sherri from her crystal skull collection. She wrote that the one I bought was carved from a 90+ year old man in Peru. I still have him. Sherri owns Synergy, which is said to be very old. You can take a look at her crystal skull information here 

I have been looking for the perfect yellow one, and I knew that when I felt it the right one would be there. I think I have looked at at least 1000 different yellow ones. but I finally found the one that called to me.
This on is a "Golden Healer Moon Stone" I wish you could see the details in the skull. The craftsmanship that it takes to carve these is a work of art in itself. The skull is so lifelike, and you can feel that the stone spoke to the artist. Michelangelo once said that the marble told him what it wanted to be, and these stones must have wanted to be skulls. You can feel the energy from them. Honestly, if you want to see some unique stones made into works of art go see what Eric and Susan are doing at Soul 2 Shine. Believe me you are going to be impressed.

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