Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crystal Skulls and Religion

I label myself a Roman Catholic, but I wasn’t always a Roman Catholic. My parents did not really observe or  adhere to any religion. As I understand it, my grandmother and grandfather on my mothers side did not go to church. There were 14 kids. I have a feeling that my grandparents on my dad’s side were not church goers either. 
There was a real distain for Catholics from my father. In fact we lived real close to Catholic church and I always loved hearing the bells. It was a sound that I missed once I moved away from that house. My sister and I were like spiritual gypsies. We went to so many churches, and then we would come home and sit with our backs against our beds and talk about what we liked and what we did not like about the church we attended. We agreed that we hated going to any church where the preacher was going to make us feel like crap. It took us years to visit the various types of churches, but we always had a great time after church. 

The family of my father came from a long line of people that escaped Religious turmoil. Hugo was the name of my French ancestors that left France. They were at war with the Catholic Church. I hope my ancestors understand that I like to do things my way. Then again they liked to do things their way too...it just was not the Catholic way.
WhenI was old enough to drive we visited Pow Wow’s, and Camp Chesterfield was not far behind. We read about ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. We loved how there were so many parrells in various Religions. Once that statement came out a friend recommended Joseph Campbell. I loved the series of books he wrote. I also loved the Neo-Plato groups of Italian Renissance. 
I still loved Roman Catholism, and how various Pagan religions and thoughts of earlier people were rolled into the school of thought. Oh sure, there are people that will say that   some of our Holidays did not come from various Pagans, but the truth is...it made econonmic sense to do so. We also still have the histories of the Pagan celebrations. I don’t see what the big deal is, this does not deter me from wanting to be a Catholic. It makes me appreciate it. I find it fascinating.
Several years ago I purchased my very first cyrstal skull. I studied the various beliefs about the Crystal Skulls, and was intrigued. Do I think that the Crystal Skulls have special power? I do. There is some kind of energy field that the Crystal Skulls have. Just because I am Roman Catholic does not mean that I don’t believe there are not other life forces and energies in the world. I don’t worship the skulls. I do believe in the good works that the people (guardians) are doing for other people. They do facilitate a deep meditation, and the gatherings of others with skulls is a positive experience. 

So, I don't want to keep you in any more suspense here is a photo of the family Crystal skulls.

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