Saturday, April 23, 2011

Families Happy Easter

This is an actual Marriage Certificate. The Bible that this come from is HUGE. The Maxon family took this Bible to the Church to have it signed. George Washington Maxon is proclaiming Ida E. Bailey as his wife. Both of them are from Blackstone, Mass. Married May, 20th 1886. These people are not part of my family. I bought this Catholic Bible about 10 years ago on ebay. I loved the art that was in it. There is also a four leaf clover and another leaf of some kind. I have left them on the page that the family added them to since it may be special to that family. I have wanted to share this for a long time. Since this Bible is leather and the cover is a little lose I keep it covered in a plain white sheet so the pages wont become damaged by the sun.

There are some other family pages in the Bible, and if there is an interest I will share them. For now, here are some of the reasons why I bought this one in the first place...

This is a pledge that no one in the family signed. It is about drinking alcoholic beverages.

Here is the cover, and you can see the Stainless Steel hinges that keep it closed. I am not selling this Bible. I just want to share this family information, since it may be important to someone out there. I love doing family research myself, and hope that if someone out there had information to share they would do the same.

If you happen to know Maxon families from Blackstone, Mass this may be their family.

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