Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book Art

Have you walked into an antique store to find art that is found in books? I am sure if you have gone to an antique store then you have ran across some images that were originally in books.

This image was suppose to be Mary Magdalene she is talking to a skull in a cave. Many cultures had relationships with the dead. We still do today as we visit graves, and talk to our ancestors. The relationship they had included making a mask, and even decorating a skull. Which leads me to think that at one time someone decided to allow the skull of a family member to be interred, but make a skull out of rock.
What is it about skulls that has made such an impact on society today. I must admit I love skulls. I have dreamed of having a skull in my library since I was a little girl. Although I thought about having a real skull for a hot second...then I thought about it the next second...that belongs to someone else. I am not sure how this image came to me. I really wanted a crystal skull! Did I see it somewhere in the Encyclopedia in our house? I must have seen it somewhere.

One day I was sharing this image with my husband. He said it was creepy. I kept justifying to him..."it is a crystal skull, not a real one." He said "It is still creep." Years have passed since I told him that I wanted a crystal skull. I do have one, and so do each of my children. I have a life size crystal skull, my son has a green one, and my daughter has a rose quartz. I want a few more. There are artist creating these with great skill.

The next time you are in an antique store go for the whole book instead of just an image. It is a much better deal!

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