Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Artist of Week My Son

I am not one of those moms that tell their children "Your art is great" if it is not. I point out what I like about it, but I am not about to tell them something is great if it really isn't. My daughter is the artist of the family, but sometimes my son does some really nice work. This project was a family effort when he was in 1st grade. He had to make a map of the state that he was researching. Add to the map what he learned about the state. He include a track (Indy 500) The giant dinosaur was from the Children's Museum, and the cars were given out to each of his fellow students. He worked really hard writing letters to get information about the state. I was really proud of him! Do you tell your children they are great at what ever they do?


  1. Working hard at something is the best thing to be praised for.

    I don't tell mine they are great at whatever they do because they aren't ; )
    But I try to be very careful with this when it comes to art. My father was an artist and I remember being very discouraged when my parents would point out the deficiencies in what I did even though I was praised at school for my artwork. My daughters are very talented (way more than me) and I always legitimately find something to praise as well as point out where something can be improved. For instance, "You did a great job on those eyes and if you bring out this jaw line it will be more balanced." Seems to work.

  2. great work.. I have a very young child so I do praise her tons and she does great art and coloring so I do let her know what I like and think.. THanks for stopping by last week.. Sorry it took me a while to come by.. Thanks for the app. info..